2nd annual BBQ Bourbon and Blues 2016

BBQ Bourbon and Blues

Thanks to everyone who attended our BBQ, Bourbon and Blues event on June 23rd at Studio Paris! Over 350 people attended the sold-out event, and your generosity helped us raise an astounding $260,724.73 for the Guaranteed Rate Foundation! It’s never too late to donate, and no donation is too small – every penny donated goes back to those in need.

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Employee Helped by the Foundation

An employee had to close down her business at the end of 2015 and so she was out of work until she found employment with GR in April. Her fiancé has late-stage MS and was previously able to work part-time, however, after an injury in November 2015 he is struggling to find suitable employment. He…

Employee’s Family Helped by Foundation

An employee’s brother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in January 2016 and began chemotherapy in February. He worked through August while undergoing his chemotherapy treatments and then he was placed on hospice care at the end of September. He was let go from his employer on September 30th, which means the family only…

Employee’s Niece Helped by Foundation

  The twin daughters of an employee’s niece were born several weeks premature. During her pregnancy, the doctors told her that one of the newborns may have vision issues. The baby who was suspected to have vision issues was born with very small eyes along with several other birth defects such as tumors on both…