2nd annual BBQ Bourbon and Blues 2016

BBQ Bourbon and Blues

Thanks to everyone who attended our BBQ, Bourbon and Blues event on June 23rd at Studio Paris! Over 350 people attended the sold-out event, and your generosity helped us raise an astounding $260,724.73 for the Guaranteed Rate Foundation! It’s never too late to donate, and no donation is too small – every penny donated goes back to those in need.

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Employee’s Friend Helped by the Foundation

The daughter of an employee’s friend was born seven weeks premature in May. The baby was born with her intestines growing outside of her body, so she was rushed into surgery directly following her birth. The baby spent four weeks in the NICU before being discharged, but had to be rushed back four days later…

Friend of Employee Helped by Foundation

An employee’s friend suffered a series of seizures in April which caused damage to the front temporal lobe in the brain. As a result, he is left with short-term memory loss and is not able to go to work, drive or be independent outside the home. Very simple things tire his brain out and he…

Employee’s Friend Assisted by Foundation

A friend of an employee has progressive multiple sclerosis and also suffers from osteoarthritis, hypertension, depression, severe muscle weakness and many other ailments. Her landlord has filed an eviction case against her. Her mother was paying the rent until her death in December 2015. Her only income is from disability in the amount of $1,120.00…